Acquire a Master Licence for a Financial Business in South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

An international financial group is keen to penetrate the South African market and is inviting applications for the acquisition of the master licence.

The Group is a leader in providing short-term working capital for small businesses through an invoice discounting programme. The company has been in operation for over 40 years and currently operates in Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, The Republic of Ireland the US and the UK. The company employs a unique delivery method for their financing incorporating a licensed outlet approach.

Rationale for the deal

Interface is now keen to penetrate the South African market and is inviting applications for the acquisition of the master licence for the country. The master licensee would be responsible for setting up and growing the business in South Africa and ultimately for recruiting sub-licensees to open offices in specific provinces/cities within the region.

The ideal licensee possesses the following:

- Extensive business experience (more than 20 years’ experience, preferably at senior level)
- Good communication skills
- Demonstrated decision-making and problem-solving abilities
- Sales and marketing skills
- Capital to purchase the licence

It is possible that an existing South African financial services or small business consulting firm may wish to purchase the master licence and operate the Interface Financial Group business as an extension of its current service offering.

This licence, which permits exclusive marketing and development rights for the Interface business in South Africa, is valued at approximately US$1-million but is being offered at the competitive price of US$350 000, 50% of which needs to be paid up front.

The program uses franchising/licensing as the distribution channel and currently operates in seven countries. We seek to expand operations in new countries in the near future.

Use of financing

The successful applicant will be able to issue sub-licencees to increase market penetration and revenue.

Individuals or business owners who meet the above-mentioned minimum requirements and are interested in applying for this master licence are invited to respond to this opportunity, providing some detail on their suitability for the position. Additional details may be requested on receipt of your response.

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