Investment of 25,000 USD Needed for Financial Trading Business

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am urgently in need of $25,000 or more as capital for my Financial Trading business. I am open and free to discuss the project with interested investors.

My project is based on trading financial markets. I need money to fund my trading account. I also need a start up for the office where I'll be teaching people how to trade stock forex, shares, commodities etc. I will also teach people how to analyse financial indicators and show them how to be a good day trader or private financial trader. My target is anyone from 18 yrs hence it is known that as the rate of unemployment keeps on escalating many people are looking for something to do for themselves.

I will generate the revenue by trading this money everyday on the stock market and for the teaching. I am going to charge for the lessons that I'll be offering. I have two years experience in trading, I know how risky trading can be, I know how to control the risk from using the stop loss and take profit. I'm free for my investor on checking the progress of trades or getting the log ins for demo and check if I can make money. For the teaching project, I need an office, landline application, and office furniture.

Competitive Advantage

Obviously banks, other traders can be seen as competitors. I am different to banks as they won't give 70% profit per annum. And I am different to other traders because I also want to teach people which will generate additional money in order for me to be well covered that the investor gets what is promised.

Rationale for the deal

Opportunities for making money in this project are plenty. I use strong money management strategies which give priority to the money deposited and then the profits as I know exactly how it feels losing hard-earned money. So, the invested money will be safe and will not be lost due to trading. That means, even if the worst happens, which is highly unlikely, the investor will be able to walk away with the initial investment hence I'll also secure with teaching.

Use of financing

I will use the capital to fund my trading account and establish an office here I will be training other people. No further funding will be required.

Opportunity for the investor

I'm expecting an investor who can invest a minimum of 25,000 USD. The investor will be a silent investor.

The invested money can be withdrawn or paid back to the investor after 12 months only, along with the 70% of the profit generated in those 12 months.

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