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Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The idea is to expand our market, serving a larger sector of the market and increase our market share.

Marula Credit Consultants is launching a new investment deal!!!!

I am the legal holder of ownership of Marula Credit Consultants (MCC) which has its main business making available funding to individuals.

1. Essentialia of MCC:
The business has been in continuous operation since 1997, serving natural persona in the rural area of the Limpopo Province in South Africa with our Head Office in Polokwane and two branches throughout the province.

2. Methodology of MCC :
Our method of operation is the lending of money on a short and/or long term, subject to particular conditions, but especially to that persona who do not qualify for funding via the formal banking and financial sectors. Market size is estimate on 3.9mil people.

3. Expansion objectives of MCC :
The need for capital on above business premises is extremely taxing having to turn away large numbers of people, since the generation of capital via our own business operation cannot facilitate sufficient capital to meet all the demands.

4. Investment opportunity :
We offer this investment opportunity in the lucrative Micro Finance Industry in South Africa to those investors who are serious about real good returns on their investments.

Funding Goals MCC is raising $2 000 000.00 to grow and expand the business, both the total number of customers it serves and the regions in which it offers a service.
Stage 1:
Upgrading existing infrastructure and acquire two more rental offices.
Stage 2:
By late 2011, MCC will be lending 4000 loans profitably in five Limpopo cities. This will improve both the turnover and clientele to the point where we fit the criteria to move to the next level (stage 3).
Stage 3:

We explored various business models, and after a thorough research we found the perfect model to take MCC to the next level. This model was specifically developed for the South African Micro Finance Industry. It consists of a Concessionaire (franchise) Banking model. It includes the banking software platform, PC Hardware, assistance with branch setup and layout, branding, full software training and national marketing, access to all available payment solutions and also link up with other Statutory enquiry models. This model will still let us fulfill our upliftment role in the communities that we are serving and opening up more business ventures for future expansion.

We will accept investments from $50 000.00 per investment.
The Rate of Return will be calculated on 1.5% per month on the total investment (18% p.a). First returns will be paid over after three months and thereafter on a monthly basis.
Minimum investment period: 3 years.
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Competitive Advantage

Our 14 years first hand experience in the market already makes us the market leaders. The more capital available to assist our clients, the more money there is to be made.

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