The DEZ Card - Multi Card for Fuel and Food Purchases

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

• Student/pensioners multifunctional payment card with photo
• Immediate ROI

The project is about an electronic payment card. It will allow students/pensioners to have funds on the card and use it for payments (like a student card). It can be combined with a student card by the students to use it to fill their vehicles at a service station/ to purchase food at food stores or pay for electricity. To enable the service I will need to link it to banks (or a bank) and this is what I need support for.

There is no such card in use at the moment as far as I know. Students and pensioners do not always have cash available. The parents, resp. the state or pensionfunds will deposit the money into these cards. This money cannot be withdrawn from the card. It can only be used for payments. Only once a year payback will be made to students should there remain any money on these cards. Students will use these cards to pay for their meals at the university. This is currently the only purpose they can use this card for. They could also get discounts at certain shops.

There is a huge demand among the students at the various universities in South Africa to launch a multi functional card like this. The same with pensioners - for them it is risky to carry any cash as they get mugged easily. With this card, they can approach a food stores easily to purchase their groceries, etc. Not all of them qualify for a ct card and the persons photo will be on the card so it will make it very difficult for someone else to steal the card and use it as only the person on the photo will be able to use it, we might even look at a fingerprint next to the photo as well.

The investor will immediately get ROI as everytime a student/pensioner swipes the card the inventor as well as the investors will earn commission/royalties from the transaction.

This will definately sell as I already did the necessary research in South Africa amongst students and pensioners and the demand is humungous. I just haven't done it overseas and do not really know as yet what the impact will be on the other continents. My other reason is that cash get lost or stolen easily in South Africa with our huge crime rate and this eliminates the risk.

This is an idea I am playing for a couple of years already. I only requested for investors currently as I wanted to do my homework properly on this. This is in the embrio stage currently and need to hatch ASAP.

I will need inventors, need to patent the idea and license it. Then we will need to print the cards, get financial institutions involved. I do not know what the cost will be involved as I am too scared to go to any place or financial institute as yet as they might "steal" my idea.

Competitive Advantage

Other players in the market are financial institutes such as banks or Sasfin, Investec, etc.

I absolutely have the advantage as nobody in South Africa or may be the rest of the world has come up with an idea like this. At this stage I know that I will not have any competition as there is no such card available as yet.

Competitors might come up with ideas as soon as this project has hit the market. Therefore I need to make it as solid as possible to eliminate any further competition. Hook as many as possible universities and pensioners before any competitor can get their foot in the door.

Rationale for the deal

My opportunity will be to sell this card - I call it the DEZ Card - to all government institutions for their pensioners, make all employers to issue such cards for their people going onto pension or better, get all banks involved, so that the people can get their DEZ Card from any bank.

I'd require from each fuel group purchasing this idea/card from me and every bank or financial institute who wants to benefit from this card or any other business purchasing it, to pay me a lumpsum. After that I'd receive royalties/commission on every rand/dollar/money purchased with this card.

As far as I know there is NO such a card available as yet.

I also would like to emphasise that there is no such card available as yet and therefore it is crucial for me to know that this is treated as confidential. This remains my idea.

Use of financing

I do not require finance at this stage. I need investors who want to invest and help me address the right institutions/role players to make this idea a reality. I am stuck at this moment and need the necessary institutes or role players to advise me on where to start from and whom to meet. Only after that, I will know if I need any financing.

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