Vehicle Financing Company Looking for Capital to Expand

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have been in the Finance market for 6 years. We have grown and need to expand further in order to address the large demand in the market. We have our own unique collection systems and very low bad debtors’ book. We have a very good profit margin and 450 dealerships that are waiting to sign contracts with us. We need capital to grow bigger to serve more clients and have own insurance products.

We serve a large market segment with vehicle finance where the client cannot get finance from a registered bank. We have our own credit checking system to determine if the client is in the position to pay the installment. There is a huge amount of clients whose credit requests are being declined by the banks but who still can afford to pay the installment and deposit for the vehicle.

We have a unique contract that we sign with each dealership where the dealership also takes responsibility for the finance. We therefore do have the dealership and the client who is responsible for the vehicle that is financed, therefore our very low bad debt book. Our clients also pay a 25% deposit on the purchase price and this makes the risk and amount to be financed much lower. All our dealers do their applications online and are connected to us by internet with a user code and password. This makes the flow of applications much easier and faster. We give feedback to the dealers the same day on the result of the application. A detailed project proposal describing the company and its structure can be provided to interested parties.

Competitive Advantage

We do not have competition in what we do in our market. The contract that we sign is between the dealer and the client and we have our own unique collection systems and insurance. We are secured of repayment in more ways than the banks and the market is much bigger - the banks finance 30% of the market, and the rest is clients whom we can finance.

Our advantage is sustainable for we have been in the market for some time and all the dealerships are looking for alternative ways to finance their vehicles. Clients also don’t have any other root to follow, with us they still purchase at a market related interest. Competitors will not be able to do what we already have put in place.

Rationale for the deal

All the company’s directors have many years of experience in the financial or banking industry. We can provide you with financial statements for the past 4 years to demonstrate our state and progress.

Use of financing

We want to buy the directors out seeing that the other part of the company is being listed on the stock exchange. We also need more capital to be able to assist to finance more vehicles for the dealerships. We need to grow bigger to serve the huge market. At this point we can only go from strength to strength, so the more capital, the more we can finance.

Opportunity for the investor

I would like to talk to the investor personally about this for there are more than one way he can become involved. Feel free to contact us on Merar if interested.

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