Business Process Outsourcing Provider in South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Outsourcing provider in South Africa aiming to emerge as a leader of business process outsourcing in the country. South Africa is a great alternative to India or the Philippines as agents speak with a neutral English. We are launching call centre and back office support with clients already lined up and ready to go with capital injection.

Haakeng Business Outsourcing is a Close Corporation incorporated in South Africa. We provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to companies looking to develop or expand certain aspects of their business, and business services to entrepreneurs and existing companies to promote economic growth in the country.

Haakeng Business Outsourcing has adopted full policies and procedures set in place including Corporate Governance, Audit Committee Charter, Employee Policies and related documents. This places the company in a formidable place to begin operations quickly.

Mission Statement

To provide business solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core competencies, while maintaining a strong presence in the outsourcing industry, we aim to lead the way in the global community of business to business services.

Company Goals and Objectives

Goals: Our main goal is to create a solid company recognized in the Business Process Outsourcing industry as an emerging leader, poised to set a new bar for other BPO service providers through our unique network of international subsidiaries and the incorporation of the Haakeng Global Policy that outlines how all clients are handled universally.

Objectives: Our main objective is to acquire new clients on a regular basis in the anticipation of reaching a multi-million rand annual turnover within 5 years. We also aim to create a minimum of 500 new jobs in South Africa over the next five years.

Business Philosophy

We believe in providing outsourcing solutions that work closely with our clients in creating a service that meets their needs while offering professional, world class service that is our standard in the way outsourcing services should be handled.


The Business Process Outsourcing industry is a largely growing field that is generating billions of dollars each year in the Global market segment. In 2007, Europe alone compromised 56% of the global market share and generated over €26bn. ($37bn)

While India takes a large market share, South Africa is emerging as a premier location for call center operations, with access to the one of the most highly skilled workforces in Port Elizabeth.

Haakeng Business Outsourcing markets Business to Business, including non-profit and government agencies.

Competitive Advantage

English is spoken in a neutral accent which is easily understood by many English speaking countries including UK, US and Australia. This provides a better service to customers of clients who are put off by the other countries commonly known for outsourcing.

Rationale for the deal

The South African government has embraced the BPO field and offers incentives which we are eligible for to companies who create offshore jobs in South Africa. Our clients are keen to us as an alternative to other nations as well which gives us the advantage to show that South Africa is the best place to outsource company needs to.

Use of financing

Funds will be used to purchase equipment, facilities lease and salary/supplies to cover the first month of operation while we wait for client payments.

We will provide investor with detailed outline of fund expenses to show where and when funds are used and also provide an outline of our start up costs showing the need for funds.

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