Brand Empowerment Service Provider Looking for Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our enterprise, a Brand Equity Development and Empowerment Solutions provider, is seeking for investment for working capital, resource acquisition and marketing.


Established in 2010, Latita Communications started providing Brand Equity Development solutions, specializing particularly in on Corporate Identity Development, Brand Development, Brand Management, Logo Design, and Website Development. The company has since evolved into a Brand Empowerment Solution Consulting enterprise that encompass a broader scope of solutions that are robust and holistic in their approach and consider all the components that contribute towards building an equitable brand.

The company now offers its clients a long-term approach in developing value-added solutions across all the mediums of internal and external communication to ensure that there is consistency in building the appropriate Brand Leadership, Brand Behaviour and Brand Disciplines amongst its employees, leadership teams, and executive structures, to build sustainable Brand Values subliminally sold to the external market.


To be the preferred Brand Empowerment Solution Consultancy that partners with organisations to assist them build equitable brands that have staying power in the marketplace and achieve sustainable profitability.


• To afford our customers value-added turnkey solutions that are market relevant, creative and empowering them to have market leading brands in their respective fields.
• To grow and defend our market share and create sustainable profitability for our shareholders.


Latita Communications is governed by a code of ethics that ensures that our customers are afforded quality and impeccable service delivery. We understand that in order to best serve our external customers we need to best serve our internal customers by creating an ethical business environment.

The cornerstones of our ethical foundation ensure that we achieve this by upholding and living by the following:
• Transparency when dealing with each other and our clients;
• Client-centricity in our professional approach to develop the best suitable solutions for our customers;
• Honesty and Respect when dealing with our internal and external customers;
• Commitment and dedication in our workmanship to achieve optimal performance.


Our slogan, “IT’S ALL IN THE BRAND!”, depicts what we believe the brand is the ultimate competitive advantage of any organisation. What a brand depicts and communicates in the marketplace is in essence the brand experience it promises to deliver to its customers. It is the promise of value-adds customers are to receive from purchasing a product or making use of a service.

Hence, we believe it begins and ends with the brand, therefore it is imperative that all contributing elements that make up a brand are well aligned to live up to its promise.


The enterprise is led by its Founding Member who has extensive experience in Business Development, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Advertising and Branding. Based on the expansion goals and objectives of the enterprise, the company is in the process of establishing a Member Board that will act as an oversight committee to ensure accountability, responsible governance and the decentralisation of power. The criteria for members is based on selecting individuals who have the relevant expertise and professionalism to add value, who share the vision and mission statement, and are committed to achieving the company’s objectives.

In line with the South African Government's objectives of Job Creation, Economic Transformation, Wealth Distribution and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), the company’s growth objectives include plans to introduce an Employee Share Option Programme (ESOP), Preferential Employment Equity Policy, Gender Equity Empowerment Policy and a BBBEE Equity Shareholder Programme.

Latita Communications is a responsible corporate citizen and abides by the South African Companies Act and is committed to complying with all the relevant mandatory, statutory laws, rules and regulations, associated bodies and institutions governing our chosen field of interest.


In addition to our planned empowerment initiatives for our employees and the member board to be constituted, we are committed to the empowerment of SMME’s. We believe that the SMME sector will be the main contributors in addressing the challenge of unemployment. Therefore we have developed capacity partnerships with various SMME’s as our outsourced associates to provide the relevant services.

With our expansion objectives we plan to evolve into an umbrella group housing various SMME services providers, who will hopefully benefit economically to expand their operations and create employment opportunities.


Considering that there are various components that contribute to developing brand equity, our brand empowerment solutions cater across the brand development spectrum and customers can select the services that will best meet their needs.

Our services cover:
• Visual Posture Strategy Development
• Corporate Identity Development
• Brand Equity Development Consulting
• Brand Campaign Strategy Development
• Brand Values and Behaviour Coaching

VISUAL POSTURE STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: How a brand is positioned in the marketplace will determine how many customers it will attract. We assist our customers develop a strong visual and brand communication strategy that will afford them the competitive advantage to be identified as the preferred product and/or service of choice.

CORPORATE IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT: Leading organisations understand that all marketing and advertising communication material is critical in differentiating themselves from their competitors. Developing a solid corporate identity is one of the fundamental unique selling tools of a company and one of the main contributors to brand identity. We assist our customers well articulate their brand promise through valuable visual design strategies, corporate signage, corporate material and literature.

BRAND EQUITY DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING: This is a total business solution that encompasses all the elements, components, human capital and resources that contribute to developing an equitable brand. We walk with our customers throughout the entire process from project inception right up to project completion. Developing a sustainable brand yields high equity returns, which is why it is imperative to develop a well thought out strategy with auxiliary mechanisms that monitor and evaluate progress.

BRAND CAMPAIGN STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: “So the research and development is complete, the product is ready to go to market and you just can’t figure out, what the best route to market would be.” We offer our expertise to map out the best possible brand campaign that will introduce your product, service and/or organisation into the marketplace. This ranges from Print, Electronic, Broadcasting, Static and Mobile platforms (depending on the customers needs), to develop a winning campaign strategy.

BRAND VALUES AND BEHAVIOUR COACHING: How employees interpret the organisations brand and its relevance in what they do, ultimately determines how they convey its message in the marketplace. We provide training workshops on how staff can relate to the brand in their everyday lives to develop a culture that is brand-centric and brand orientated so that employees are able to see the difference between, the functions they perform everyday and how that contributes towards brand building.
This is perhaps the most critical component in developing brand values and behaviour characteristics that will result in better efficiency and higher performance amongst employees.

Competitive Advantage

We are the first Brand Empowerment Solutions company in South Africa whose holistic approach is a true total business solution. Amongst the catalogue of services we provide we have developed what we call "Brand Values and Behaviour Training," which focuses on developing a brand culture in a organisation through our creative approach in training employees, leadership teams and the executive team on how their activities, functions and approach to the organisation is related to developing a equitable brand.

Rationale for the deal

Considering that we operate in an emerging market, South Africa can be seen as virgin land. There are many services and products which have not been realised or fully exploited. Brand Empowerment Solutions is one of these services amongst many that have been outlined in the growth objectives for the country. Developing a favourable image of South Africa and the Businesses operating in this economy require professionals such as ourselves to assist in achieving this objective. Our service revenues are primarily realised through consultantion fees, project management fees and per hour rate charges, depending on the relationship customers want to enter into.

Use of financing

The required investment will be used for resource acquisition, working capital, as well as marketing and advertising communication initiatives. Considering that our business is not capital and labour intensive, what we offer is a less risky investment opprotunity. The investment is to underwiritte operational expenses of a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months. The investor will realise the principle plus interest repayment in a period of 12-24 months from intial investment. Should the investor wish to a explore shareholder equity arrangement we would be open to that option.

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