Recruitment Agency in South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A newly-formed and registered recruitment agency, with a vibrant focus and market in South Africa is looking to make a footprint in the recruitment industry. We boast a large database.

The company was formed after analysis of the South African Job market, and the scarcity of skills in mining engineering and other sectors. We look to fill the gap left by many Recruitment Agencies.

We look to provide quality Human Resource Solutions to business in South Africa and abroad. Based on the research results in the country employment is rife and companies just coming out of the recession are looking to employ, having laid off most of their staff in the last quarter of 2009.

The incumbent investor will experience a large turn-over in the next 3 years of the business. We face financial challenges in securing a large advertising budget for the company. We look to achieve a R1 000 000 Annual Turnover in our 3rd year of business. We have good contactable clients who are interested in our services. We look to secure offices for our business in order to improve the image of our business. The recruitment business is a lucrative industry in South Africa, and we foresee good profits in our business. Our business has got a website, where we market our services; we look to invest in many technological services which will improve the quality and effectiveness of our business.

We currently operate it on a small budget which hinders our progress. We place few candidates currently, and reach a limited number of clients; hence it chokes the growth of our business. We would like to have a large budget that will enable us to reach most of our goals. We will also be able to elevate our standard to meet our clients' needs and provide them with the best quality service, in placements Human Resource and other various services. We will also be able to increase our Work force, which will enable us to meet our targets and deadlines.

Interested investors can establish contact with us on

Competitive Advantage

We have a competitive edge over most of our competitors. Our recruitment strategies have been modelled after Dav Group, a leading recruitment company in South Africa. We have better quality and efficiency with our limited resource. We have access to a large candidate database, and are familiar with the Industry top players.

Use of financing

We look to use our investment for renting new offices since we are currently working from our home-office. We need to improve the image of the company to suit both our clients and candidates.

This will create a comfortable environment to conduct our duties. We will also be able to invest in salaries for two specialist recruiters to assist us in the training and other duties. This will in turn improve our turn over.

We look to invest in state of the art technology that will make our processes easy and user-friendly to both our clients and candidates. We will also be able to fully improve our company website so that we will attract large organisations and fully market our services. We would be grateful for a potential Investor to discuss Instalments that will accommodate our needs as per our main needs for our company.

We look to meet and discuss the details with our Investor.

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