Seeking Investors for a Start-Up Export/Import Agency.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Export service to medium-sized manufacturers of Capital products in developed countries. Will find buyers in emerging and newly emerged markets on behalf of manufacturers. Seed funding is needed for start-up and the first year operations. Further funding for the second year will also be necessary. Projected Profit 3Yrs:$1,459,604; Exp $1,063,078.


Export/Import Agency representing Manufacturers of quality Capital products to be sold in markets where such products are scarce and the demand is high.
For the first three years all our efforts will be concentrated to a variety of Capital products as a means to get the business up and running as quickly as possible. During this time, we will explore the opportunities for other Capital goods in the same target areas.
The aim is to find products with the highest possible commission structure and the highest demand in order for us to reach our sales targets which will lead to the success of the business.
To ensure that the business stay profitable, we will also get involved with creating two extra income opportunities in the form of investing in stocks and export/import training and consulting through a website, and everything will be done online. This way we lessen the effect of adverse sales in certain areas until new areas are developed.

 Food Processing and Packaging Machines and Equipment.
 Construction and Building Materials.
 Electrical Machinery and Equipment.
 Machine Tools.
 Spare Parts.

Our customer base will consist of Wholesalers, Retailers and direct Importers of Consumer and Capital goods in the following markets: Algeria; Argentina; Brazil; Bulgaria; Chili; Czech Republic; Hungary; Morocco; Peru; Romania; Senegal; Tunisia; Uruguay; Venezuela; Albania; Bolivia; French Guiana; Suriname; Guinea; Guinea Bissau; Mali; Paraguay; Slovakia and Yugoslavia.

• Investors
• Jani Davids

Investors Share Percentage: 45%
J Davids’ Share Percentage: 55%

Investors Profit Share Percentage: 10%
J Davids’ Profit Share Percentage: 10%
Goodwill Profit Share Percentage: 10%
Profits will be paid out at the beginning of the May 2014, for the 2 years that the business will have been in operation. Profits for May 2015/April 2016 will be paid at the end of this period.
Repayment of investment will start from May 2013.

Active, although limited, involvement of investors in the business will be a great asset to help oversee operations, assist with major decisions, especially with regard to investments in stocks, and mentoring to ensure that employee(s) understand their roles and responsibilities.

Through intensive, regular research, we’ll be able to keep track of current events in all the markets that we are interested in. This will enable us to make informed decisions about the products and the best markets for the products at all times.
Therefore ensuring that we are able to find buyers and make consistent sales over the long-term.
The end-result will be a rapidly growing, profitable and successful business for years to come, with no extra borrowing on our books after seven years of operations.


Exports and imports is the oldest industry in the world and although it is said that the world is becoming smaller, based on supply and demand, there will always be a demand for products in countries where they are not manufactured.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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