Online Financial Information Platform Targeting South African Market

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am looking to create a website with a database where you can search for comparative information on companies, the main focus being on supplying financial information.

Please see the attached document which includes all relevant details. This project has already been looked at by a professional website design company i.t.o. technical requirements and this has been documented in the attached document as well.

Earning potential is big/ unlimited in the South African market. Main revenue drivers will be licensing fees and other relevant companies advertising or linking their businesses to our site.

The following industries or areas could be potentially classified as a target market:
- Accountants and auditing & accounting firms
- Consulting companies
- Government
- Private investors
- Personal investors
- Listed companies
- Companies that would like advertising space on the website
- The general public

The following functionality is required from the site:
- Ecommerce
- Access control (Login/ Registration)
- Membership/Subscription Management
- Automated advertising system (optional)
- Hosting
- Search

Competitive Advantage

This database is only focused on the South African market which is rapidly expanding, unlike other sites that mostly look at European companies which have lesser growth potential - South Africa is still an emerging market. Please see the attached document for full details.

Use of financing

Funding will be used to create a full 'dummy' site to be able to market the product to interested parties, thereafter it will require further funding to develop the full database. Other costs would be: marketing, a junior admin person, hosting services. I have indicated some figures below for revenue estimation etc but it will require a detailed discussion to really explain the income potential - this is by no means real figures.

Opportunity for the investor

I'm offering shareholding in the company/project against the funding. I'm looking for someone with enough experience in finance and with enough resources to fully drive this project. I'm willing to run the company, or jointly run the company with the investor, as I have good Finance experience and I'm currently employed as a Finance Manager for one of MasterCard International's companies in Cape Town. Alternatively, if someone wants to outright buy the idea from me and develop it themselves then it can also be discussed.

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