Support an Orphanage Project in South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The orphanage is meant to house and care for children from 3 to 14 years of age, from all over South Africa. The children will be housed and cared for until graduation by Ekutsakeni Orphanage home or will be successfully reintegrated into their families. In addition to being housed, cared for and fed, children are provided with schooling and given extra-curricular lessons such as drawing, music, and sports.

Purpose of the project is to care for, support and educate children suffering the worst hardship and distress as a result of local, national or international disaster or by reason of social, personal or economic circumstances.
The groups identified as being in greatest need of support are:
• Orphans and neglected children
• Child Prostitutes
• Destitute Families
Ekutsakeni Orphanage will be set up in Gauteng as a charitable non-profit company limited by guarantee.

The main object of the Orphanage will be to raise funds for charitable operations that alleviate suffering in South Africa at large.

The Orphanage will also be used to provide opportunities for underprivileged people to live and work in a western society to experience the culture and way of life. In this way it is hoped that people can achieve a more global view on life, appreciating the positive and negative factors of other cultures.
The first activity is to build a complex to operate as the new orphanage. The building will have two stories and be built in a U shape configuration around an open courtyard.

The upper level will be entirely residential, with girls on one side and boys on the other. Younger children will sleep in dormitories of 10 children per room while elder children and young people will be accommodated in smaller rooms with 4 people per room. The upper story will also provide a living room, washrooms, toilets, and single rooms for live-in helpers.

The ground floor will provide the activity rooms. These include the crèche & nursery, kitchen, dining room, study room, computer room, living room, office and first-aid room.

Use of financing

We need funding to build the complex, furnish it and start operations.

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