Convenient Printing Solutions (Kiosk Digital Machines)

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

To provide unite printing solution through kiosk digital machines to enable the public and communities to have a 24hrs round the clock access to printing, digital media, stationary and advertising. This will be served through the convenient stores like the shell service stations and airports.

Digital Kiosk Document Solution that aims on promoting the convenient tool for document solutions to the public. These unique solutions include 24 hour printing, copying, faxing and scanning of documents at all convenient places countrywide. The idea is to ensure that when one is traveling they can still have the work done.

Advertising LCD screens where companies will have a platform to market their products and services. Studies show that digital signs are viewed up to ten times more often than static signage marketing.

Revenue from Year 2 R 17,035,933 million. SmartPrint is seeking R4,060,000 in venture capital to be used for:
• Establishing an organization and office presence that will initially cover Western Cape and Gauteng then nationally and neighbouring countries
• Completing the procurement and branding of our products
• Marketing and Advertising of the services and products
• Research and Development for the key and strategic places to hub our machines

Investors can talk to us and receive more information on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

SmartPrint DS will have a competitive advantage over our rivals.

This will allow SmartPrint DS to integrate our technological knowledge for the benefit of our target clientele by rendering cost effective products and or services.

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