Exclusive Importer of Biometric Finger Print Readers Looking for Loan

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are exlusive importers of biometric readers from Korea to South Africa and we plan to import more stock in order to increase our present distribution network.

Our goal is to have at least 8 x professional biometric distributors situated all over the RSA provinces within the next 3 months. After that we wish to extend the operation to export the products into some of the other countries on the African continent.

I have been selling Digent Biometrics products for nearly 5 years. Now we want to market and sell the biometric products that we import from Korea all over the African continent within the next 6 months. To accomplish this geographic expansion we need to import more stock and this is what we are looking investment for.

The intended payback period would be 24 months, with a ROI of 12.5 percent.

In RSA there is a big request for good quality biometric finger print readers with good software programs, which can be used in various industries capturing accurate worked hours. Finger print technology is the best method to capture the individual employees time as there is no way that a buddy clocking can happen.

Annual sales forecast:
20 x DuoPASS units for 250 Euro each + 20 x Fc 206 modules for 95 Euro each + 30 x other small models for 55 Euros each = 8550 Euros
The profit is 100% mark up on the total cost prices.

The opportunity for the investor is that the loan could be invested over the period of 24 months.

Competitive Advantage

We are the exclusive importers and distributors of a range of Biometric products that are among of the top 3 best in the world. Plus, we have our own Software Programs that we offer to the Companies interested in the product, so that if there is any special feature the Companies require we can develop it in accordance with the Company’s needs. We also offer custom-made Software programs to Customers. Having our own software is definitely a great advantage and is very sustainable to our Company.

Rationale for the deal

There are many companies in RSA that would benefit from using our Biometric readers and systems. They would minimize the hours it takes to check and calculate all the worked time using the standard conventional clocking machines with clock cards. Our Biometric systems using Computerized Technology to do all the processing automatically are far more superior guaranteeing accurate totals with a variety of Management reports.
We have a Company policy that we markup 100% on all the products, as well as our labour.

Use of financing

The investment will be used for purchasing a certain amount of various Biometric Readers from our supplier in Korea to have them in stock.

The stock prices are Euro's plus the Shipping costs.

Our plan is to repay the investor over a 24 x month period with interest.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for a debt investor in the form of a 24 month loan with 12.5 % interest rate.

The overall loan amount would be either $50000 or $30000 - less all costs and commissions that will be associated with the loan to be granted.

The Investor can be either a hands-on person or a silent Investor.

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