Investment Project for ICT Software & Services

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Black Female owned IT Company focussing on Software Licensing and Services, Advanced Infrastracture and Software Asset Management

The company is a start up company, with management having all required skills, expertise and certifications to make this a success.Funding is required for Operational Costs (office,phones) and salaries for staff.

NLS ICT Solutions is a Black Female Owned Company, we provide and manage volume licensing agreements for Microsoft and other popular software vendors in partnership with a Large Account Reseller, NLS is unique in the way that any investor will benefit from the partnership with women in IT that specializes in Software Sales and Licensing Management business that has the skills and experience and is dedicated to selling, servicing and managing software licensing with Microsoft as its core business.

We acquire software for our customers as cost effective as possible, provide deployment and implementation and manage their software investment on a contineous basis to achieve their business objectives and vendor compliancy.
In order to achieve this, we provide 4 portfolio services: Software Licensing Service, AdvancedInfrastructure, Technical Consulting Services, License Management Services / Software Asset Management

Target Market

EPG (Enterprise Partner Group, Entreprise Segment)
NLS Solutions will aim at Government and Corporate. The first approach will be made to large organisations, of which is known that they are not happy with the service delivery of their current Microsoft partner. Furthermore, our LAR (Large Account Reseller) has 80 large customers managed by their own account managers in conjunction with heir hardware partners. There is an existing relationship, and NLS will get introductions in these accounts, to sell their licensning offer.

SMS&P (Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners)
In an interview with Microsoft, there are a total of 529 Large SMS&P Unmanaged accounts identified by Microsoft. NLS SOLUTIONS Sales will try identify these accounts and start targeting them, this is one of the reason we nee operational funding.
Furthermore there should be a focus on the top verticals as identified underneath.
Top 5 Vertical Landscape
Prof Services & Other Services 196 Accounts(37%)
Manufacturing 116 Accounts(22%)
Retail 48 Accounts(9%)
Financial Services 44 Accounts(9%)
Transportation & Logistics 32 Accounts(6%)

Summary of internal and external risks:

Cash Flow
From October 2009, the partners have been funding the start up, the preperations, negotiations,the operations, sales and marketing. Investor,Funding or a loan will be crucial to fund the further start up operations and bring the remaining staff on board untill the company pick up to the acceptable level, estimated from April2011 until March 2012 and the company will be financially viable and enough cash is generated to be able to finance its own operations.

Market Identity
We need to position ourselves from scratch in the market.We also need to be positioned with Microsoft, as the licensing partner concept is new to the South African market. As a partner to a new LAR in the market, we need proper Marketing. Our partner does not have a strong position, and has a low profile with Microsoft South Africa because it is new in Licensing business, but strong in services business.

Creating Market Exposure

NLS Solutions’ strength is through its positioning in the market and profiling itself as a pure black female.

Contact us on Merar if you are interested investor.

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