A New Soccer Game Is Looking for Investment to Get Popular

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Golden Age Soccer is a socio-cultural sports invention designed to promote unity in diversity and to assist in ushering in world peace.

This new sports have therapeutic laws that practically within play promotes equality, tolerance, justice, integration and universal participation. We need funds to set up structures and take it to world cup level.

This project has current pilot versions in South Africa, Cameroon, Mozambique, Congo and negotiations are under way for England. As a new game with new laws, as a new game that will now have counselors, we have already designed the training manuals.

This game will be implimented at nine different levels for a male and female category. We will need atleast 5022 to 12000 people in each country. We need funds to set up the training centers. Since we are training to employ, basic fees will be paid in these countries and we can recover that money nine months after the investment period.

Since we are training to employ fees will be paid. As teams will start registering in the various levels and categories,we will be making income. This game will run from national to continental to world cup level. This is a new sports moving towards its own world cup-investors will common wealth even like FIFA. This product will sell because it is soccer incline and the world have this as even a religion.We are currently training trainers in the above countries.We need more publicity and basic facilities.

With a new field shape, with new number of players,new jessies...we are creating history.

Investors, feel free to contact us on Merar for more information. Investment proposal is available for download.

Competitive Advantage

This game is guided on this principle- a cultural diversity football league that seeks to promote cultural intergration by appreciating cultural diversity. Designed to function at nine levels, tribes of each nation will form teams, minority groups, secondary schools, high schools, tertiary institutions, universities.....

Above all, sporting companies such as PUMA, Adidas, Nike etc. as well as Telecommunication companies will come in for commercials. This game is designed to empower the minds and characters of people, to develop communities and offer employemnt.

The world does not only need a game, but solutions to world problems-with counselors and festivals such as Human Family Festival we shall address global crisis. We are unique and difficult to plagarize.

Rationale for the deal

Sports exist, but this new invention have never existed. people will register to be trained as new referees and counsellors, teams will register, we have the white, red and black cards for decipline and they have fees. Licences will be bought, companies seeking commercials will pay.

Educative documents and CD's will be sold. Gate fees will be paid for matches. This invention has been carefully thoughjt of and crafted in the cradle of potentcy. It has an inbuilt income generating mechanism.

Use of financing

We need finances to set up the training center and print manuals. We need to get basic samples of our own jessies which will bear letters not numbers. Our field is different and needs a prototype. We need to set up the training center and administrative offices. We need to do marketing and organize conferences and workshops to launch officially.

This project has been growing slowly from the inventors sacrifice. Actions for funds are needed heretofore (now and onwards).

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