Educational and Inspirational Stationery Available in All Languages

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Inward Ideas is a start-up company that has developed a line of inspirational stationery that can be translated into all the languages of the world.

Inward Ideas is offering a line of stationery that offers three dynamic angles – it is educational, as it assists with reading and it builds confidence whilst creating a positive language in the hearts and minds of children, it also assists teachers during the Life Orientation lessons to build self esteem. While all the entire line is educational it is also inspirational. New products are currently in development by the in-house department.

The need for the product will never diminish because it is a standard tool used every single day by learners across the globe. They are educational because they teach constructive reading skills.

Inward Ideas has identified four keys to success that are instrumental in the sustainability of the business. Number one is the need to continue develop creative and inspirational stationery for children, the second key is to adopt strict financial controls. The third key is to build a large sales force to expand the business internationally. The last key to success is the need to listen to customer, effectively creating a feedback mechanism for product improvement.

Inward Ideas has identified three customer segments that it will go after. The first group is individual customers. These are parents or care-givers that are purchasing the product for their child. The segment is growing at 11% per year and currently has 6,354,430 perspective customers, world wide. And because English is the universal language it will expand across continents. The second market segment that will be addressed is wholesale purchasers, typically large retail stores and Governments Education Department.

The likelihood of success of Inward Ideas is ensured by its strong and determined designer Heidene Lawrence. Heidene, in charge of the product design has been a Change and Transformation Consultant with various Private and Public organisations over the last ten years. She has also been involved in Training and is a certified Life Skills Coach. She also spent years as a trainer and conducting motivational talks to schools and her work places. These experiences, allow Heidene to continue creating inspirational educational material.

Inward Ideas is destined to succeed due to a combination of seasoned and determined management, excellent product development, and the insight to recognize a wonderful market opportunity.

• Ruler 15cm – My worth can’t be measured
• Ruler 30cm- My worth is immeasurable
• Glue Stick – I am stuck to my dreams

3 Industry Analysis
The stationery industry is characterized by many different toy manufacturers. However, within the larger industry, there is a not yet a niche for inspirational and educational stationery tools. This niche is new and fresh, and addresses the challenge of teaching children to reach at an earlier age and stage in their learning and development. For years there was no awareness that the unconscious reading of a statement creates an internal story board. It is true that stationery is a necessary learning tool, but inspirational stationery assists with reading and mining gold in the heart and mind of the child.
Inward Ideas is not just about creating profits, it is also about making a difference.

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