Invetment is Needed for the Production of Bible Board Game

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: South Africa South Africa
  • Industry: Education, Training
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $10,000 / min. $10,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

The investment is needed for the production of the first 2000 units and the income from that will enable us to settle the capital amount as well as ROI within 3 months.

We have developed a bible board game and as the actual playing disc is quite costly to manufacture with injection moulding and having to buy the mould itself we have decided to first develop an electronic version and use the income to produce the physical board game.

We have had the assistance of good professionals who are friends and they have invested time and talent to reach the stage we are at right now. They will obviously be compensated for their part in the project and we have come to the agreement that this happens when we start selling the product.

We have a graphic designer who has done the whole design according to what we, as the creators of the idea, requested.

We have a programmer, who has made it all work electronically.

We have a 3D animator, who has developed all the movement.

We also have a web designer who developed the website.

We are at the stage where all this is ready and we only need to insert the music.

We need studio time and this will cost us R3500 for 3-5 hours.

We have quotations for production of 500 - 5000 units and we have decided to start with 2000 units at the cost of R19,000.

We plan to launch the product, by inviting delegates from churches, christian bookstores and distributors, schools. The delegate will be offered the opportunity to purchase the product at a special launch price and to sell it at the market value to their own particular congregation, customers, students. The quotation for the complete 1st launch is R15,000.

We are launching in all the cities of our country and we offer the option to order bulk online as well as to arrange a booking for us to bring the product to the churches or special events. The timing of the product launch is perfect, as this is an excellent gift, so this will be extensively advertised on christian television and radio stations.

The ROI period will be finalised 3 months from date of initial deposit. The capital sum will be repaid with 7% profit of sales of the product produced with the capital given. As this is a unique project and the ROI especially unique, we are open to negotiation.

We evisage selling between 500-800 units at our first launch.

The game also has potential of becoming a game show which we are planning on.

Competitive Advantage

We are looking to insert a product key to each unit to discourage copying. During our market research we have estabished that there is not a game of this calibre or concept anywhere in the world.

Competitors will obviously try but we are confident that being the first, this product will be hard to beat or improve. The sustainability of this game will last for as long as it takes to distribute in all through the world and would obviously need to be translated into other languages.

Rationale for the deal

As described above, the product has huge potential, and we have the opportunity of distributing throughout the world and translating into other languages.
We are planning to make money from the sale of the product and we have other games in the pipeline.

There is an indication that other market players make money from similar products but we are confident that a product of this calibre has not been produced before and that this is a world class product.

Use of financing

The investment is needed for the production of the first 2000 units and the income from that will enable us to settle the capital amount as well as ROI within 3 months as well as to produce additional product and launch all over the country.

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