Skills Development

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

1. The investment project was created out of a dire need to actively partner government’s national agenda of youth development, poverty eradication and socio-economic development.
2. Unemployed youth, Poverty.
3. Brick Laying, Carpentry, Plumbling, Tiling, Computer Course,Boiler Making,Welding.
4. Equipment, Stationery, Office Equipment.

Sinakho Skills Direct (SSD) is positioned as a leading black owned training and consulting agency. It is a 100 % black and youth owned company with women participation accounting for 100 % equity. The company was created out of a dire need to actively partner government’s national agenda of skills development and socio-economic development.

The company provides a wide range of accredited training in areas spanning Information Technology (IT), Business Management Training, Project Management, Legal Studies, Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET). The learning programmes of SSD are aligned to the Unit Standards and Qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The consulting arm of SSD boasts an experienced team of highly qualified professionals who are specialist in their respective fields. With vast experience in their respective fields, these professionals provide in-depth consulting services in Finance, Auditing & Tax, Management and Leadership Development, Legal Services, Human Resource Management & Development, Labour, Marketing, Project Management, Corporate Governance, Policy Development and Community and Household Profiling.

SSD is in pursuit of playing a leading role in the skills revolution and the socio-economic development of the country and in particular, of the destitute communities. The company is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics as well as the pursuit of customer-focused interventions. To this end, SSD provides value added- customized solutions which are anchored in professionalism.


SSD endeavors to contribute meaningfully to a national culture of skilled workforce, technological innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.


Our mission is to expand and develop into a leading, innovative, professional and dynamic black owned organization that is responsive to the developmental challenges facing our country and in particular, the unique needs of our clients. In achieving this, SSD continually ensures high quality training and comprehensive consulting in areas identified to be of key strategic importance in the socio-economic development of the country.
Investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

In accordance with the legislative framework of South Africa, Sinakho Skills Direct is an accredited service provider which provides skills programmes registered on the National Qualification FrameworAt present, the company operates in two provinces, the Western Cape and the Northern Cape, providing accredited training in Information Technology (IT), New Venture Creation and Project Management. In line with the broader National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) of South Africa and in particular, the Provincial Skills Development Strategies (PSDS) of provinces, Sinakho Skills Direct has prioritized the above mentioned skills programmes as critical in advancing youth development and addressing youth unemployment.

Rationale for the deal

It is in the context of this background, that Sinakho Skills Direct has identified a training opportunity targeted at historically disadvantaged and unemployed youth in the City of Cape Town and its s

Use of financing

To provide much needed training opportunities to youth whoa are unemployed and skilled and who live in appaling conditions in the distitutes community of City of Cape Town and Northern Cape.

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