Company Specialized in Registering Mineral Rights in South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

South African Company specializing in Mineral Rights acquisition. We're applying for Mining rights for high value commodities like Manganese, Chrome & Coal Prospecting.

The $2500,000.00 needed from an investor will be used to visit all the properties available in South Africa and buy all the information from Geo Science in South Africa on the property which we would like to apply for a Prospecting Right for. Also, the finance will be used to do the Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), take consultations and fulfil all the other requirements of the DMR in South Africa.

We already own 4 Prospecting Rights worth +/- $20,000,000.00.

We have a 25% share available for an investor who will also be a director of the company.

Competitive Advantage

There is a huge opportunity to aquire rich mineral fields in South Africa

Use of financing

• To acquire mineral fields
• To visit properties that contain minerals
• To purchase geological information on the properties from Geo-Science
• To appoint professional Geologist and Environmentalists to develop the EMPs and other documentation needed by DMR in South Africa

Opportunity for the investor

We offer a 25% share in our company for a single investor.
The investor will also be a Director of the company.

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