Gold and Diamond Mine Investment Needed Worth +$45 Billion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Seeking investment to purchase, develop and extract gold and other commodities from a lucrative mine in South Africa.

We at Golden Route Investments have identified a property, namely ‘Taung’, which possesses large gold deposits. There are also large diamond deposits situated within the said property worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gross revenue of the mine is projected well above $65 billion. The returns stated exclude the revenue which will be generated from the diamonds and also the by-products such as silver that will be produced once the site is operational. Capital requirements represent less than 1% of the gross worth of the mine. We can provide you with a detailed description of the Taung property and an assessment Report conducted by ABSA.

Competitive Advantage

We are a newly formed company with various strategic partnerships that will give us an edge in the mining industry. We distinguish ourselves by our innovative and cost effective mine strategies.

Rationale for the deal

We are looking for a debt or equity partner with the option to buy out the shares once the debt is repaid. A percentage of 20-40% equity stake is offered.

Use of financing

• Purchase land: $15 Million
• Capital Costs : $17 Million
- Consultation for the engineering plan & mine design
- Purchasing of equipment
- Buildings eg. Offices, Shops, Storage Bins, Warehouses etc
- Electrical System
- Pre-production stripping
- Engineering & Management
- Contingencies
• Operating Capital: $10 Million
• Cash Reserves: $8 Million

Opportunity for the investor

Get an equity stake in the project after debt is repaid.

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