Green Energy Start Up Project in South Africa with 30% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This project is about establishing a manufacturing capacity for devices to produce gas. We are open for both debt and equity investment offers.

The energy market is dominated by cartels (OPEC) and monopolies (national grids). The consumer needs a revolutionary solution to solve the energy problem. Hydrogen Economy is our future solution for energy needs. Water contains hydrogen and oxygen and both can produce energy on site for use on demand.

Presently, hydrogen production is expensive since it needs storage, transport and distribution.

This project is for the manufacture of devices with different production capacity for domestic use - cooking gas, gas for heating, gas for gas generators to produce electricity, hot water for heating or for use on the bath or kitchen.

The devices are for 24 kWh developed on three sizes: 100 sq. m house (small), 200 - 300 sq. m house (medium) and 300 sq. m to 500 sq. m house (large).

Revenue generation model: direct sale of devices, hired devices (pay as you use) and export.

R&D is finished, patent registered, prototypes available.

Project time line is 24 months with the following milestones: 1 - 6 training, set-up the manufacturing capacity and supplies (contracts with suppliers), 7 - 12 manufacturing small units, 13 - 18 manufacturing medium units, 19 - 24 manufacturing large units.

An initial investment of five million USD is necessary.

For the investor: payback period - 5 years; if ROI, minimum 30%

Competitive Advantage

• Existent grids, gas manufacturers and gas suppliers.
• Production of gas (hydrogen + oxygen) from water, in house for a variety of applications as: gas for cooking, gas for heating space, gas for electricity (gas generators), hot water for heating space (radiators), for bath and for kitchen.
• The product is patented. It does not require subsidies, storage, transport or distribution.

Rationale for the deal

• The current energy market is expensive, dysfunctional and insufficient. The demand for energy increases daily as well as prices increases annually. The end of energy crisis consists of the energy market democratization from the bottom up.
• Providing to the end user a device to produce own energy from water at an affordable cost will make millions of householder happy to reduce their energy bills.
• Until date there is no another innovation or device capable to produce energy on demand, on site and at an affordable price.
• R&D, publications, prototypes, tests.

Use of financing

• Manufacturing capacity: space, testing equipment, manufacturing equipment, machinery,
• Working capital.
• Producing new technologies that are on high demand.

An initial instalment of 5 million USD at starting date and another 5 million USD after three years from start.

Opportunity for the investor

We are open to any kind of investment:

• For debt investment: loan of 5 million USD loan is necessary, with a five-year payback period at an interest rate double than that accorded by the investment banks.

• For equity investment: 20% shares and 25% from the annual dividends. The minimum ROI is 30% and the expected IRR is supposed to be at a very high level due to the innovation novelty.

• Investor: Hands-on or silent, preferably silent.

• Investment schedule must be projected 50% at start date ($2.5 million) and 50% ($2.5 million) after six months from start.

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