Innovative Hydrogen Production Method for On-Demand Usage

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The environmental paradise of hydrogen economy rests on two pillars: a pollution-free source for the hydrogen itself and a device for converting it into useful energy without generating pollution. Water is a pollution-free source of energy. Devices/prototypes for on-site hydrogen generation are ready. Funding is necessary to prepare the existent prototypes for commercialization.

The total R&D team comprises over 18 people. We have developed a new method for hydrogen production. The productivity of this procedure is very high – for a unit of consumed energy up to twenty units of caloric energy can be produced. This makes the hydrogen obtained with this method a few times cheaper than fossil petrol or diesel.

Thus, the invention eliminates problems raised by production cost, storage, transport and danger, when using old methods for hydrogen production.

There are three ready prototypes for the different installations depending on purpose: installation for domestic application (24 kWh), installation for cars, and installation for electricity production (20 MW).

The targeted markets are houses, second-hand car industry and independent power suppliers.

Revenue generation model: cash at sale date and royalties in the case of power supply.

The energy crisis demands cheap sources and cheap technologies.

Project timeline: three years with six milestones, each one of six months: finalizing patenting, SABS tests, set-up a factory for membranes, factory for nano-Carbon, assembling factory, Q&A testing laboratory.

The investment required is $4,000,000.00.

Offering to investor: debt or equity, ROI of over 40%

Competitive Advantage

- No competition
- Unique technology and concept, minimizing costs and risks
- Idea can't be copied for minimum 20 years (patent's length)

Rationale for the deal

- There is very high current and future market demand.
- The energy crisis requires innovation like ours.
- We are going to run our business efficiently by permanent innovation and increased automatization.
- There are no competitors in the field so far.
- We used money from previous years on business to develop this unique innovation

Use of financing

Funding is needed for starting-up the new business.

It could be provided at once in full or in three annual payments.

Opportunity for the investor

- $4,000,00

- Terms of the deal are negotiable (ROI min. 40%)

- Both silent and hands-on investors are welcome

- Investmenr instalment schedule: 50% - 30% - 20%

A detailed project plan presenting the technological details, business model & forecasted costs is available upon demand.

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