Invest in an Energy Efficiency Business. 10% to 20% ROI per Annum

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Need funding for an energy efficiency business. Load shedding is on it's way again. If every South African can save 10% on energy, there will be no electricity shortages. We have products that can save between 10% and 40% on consumption.

Energy shortages is a global problem. We have sourced international products to cut electricity usage in homes, offices, Government Buildings and factories by between 10% and 40%.

Currently, there is a vast, untapped market in South Africa, Africa and the world. Even in developed countries, where similar products have been sold for almost 30 years, people are saying that it is a booming sector of the economy.

The most important thing in South Africa is to create product awareness. Many people have not even heard of energy efficiency products. The challenge will be to create public awareness, but because of all the hype about energy conservation, solar geysers etc., I believe that consumers will be convinced of the benefits, financially and environmentally.

Electricity usage is currently billed at your highest peak usage. Our product takes away these peaks, ensuring that you are billed at a lower rate and only for what you use.

Funding is needed for initial start-up capital, as well as operating and backup capital for the first year.

The cash payback period is 5 years, repaid at 11% interest. Investor will also share in profits and dividends during this period.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

Enerwise's competitive edge will lie in the amount invested in advertising, but more important the right type of advertising to create type of public awareness.

The other companies mentioned in the competition section, does very little or no advertising. They rely, almost entirely, on direct marketing and direct sales. The only form of advertising we've seen for similar power saving products is being listed on online search engines.

Therefore we believe that the right amount of print, radio and online advertising will immediately reap benefits. It was very clear in our market analysis that very few people are currently aware of what energy efficiency and energy saving products are. Because of the global economic recession and the continuing price increases, there is a massive need among South Africans to save money.

We also believe that because no one else is currently offering a 100% money back guarantee, this will give us a great advantage and competitive edge.

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