Investor for a Diamond Mining in the Northern Cape of South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for an investor for a diamond mining project in the Northern Cape Province in an area known for its rich diamond deposits. Assurance is present.

The area is near Kleinzee in the Northern Cape and the mining area is known for its rich diamond deposits, geological reports are available and business plan available.

We are looking for an investor who may also buy shares in the company. We have many years experience in the recovery of diamonds, we can assure you this is the riches diamond carrying gravel in the Northern Cape and therefore we have decided to start this project, We guarantee a 50% on investment over five years, look at our business plan and decide for yourself.

Competitive Advantage

We have assured ourselves about the success of the project, a major mine recovered 1,2 million carats of diamonds on land adjourning ours.

Use of financing

To start the project and buy equipment and expenditure for the first few months of operation.

Opportunity for the investor

The best investment in South Africa and we have a gentleman from the area on board to secure our relationship with the local community and to be in line with Black Economic Empowerment in terms of the Department of Minerals.

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