Looking for Investor in the Business With Precious Metals

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I need a business loan form someone who is willing to invest their money into a project that could double their money within 1 year, the more they invest, the quicker their returns will increase.

I want someone to buy as much silver as possible, while it is still at a very low price.
The world silver supply is low, and by buying up as much silver as possible, you will create even more demand, thereby increasing the value of the silver that you already bought.

Let me give an example : the current silver price is $41.27/oz, the dollar is R6.64.
Thats R274.03/oz.

Now, if you buy up R10m of silver,you get 36492.354 ounces of silver.
If the silver price increases with just $2 within the next 30 days, your R10m will be worth R10484720.
Thats R484720 profit in one month.
So,the more silver you buy, the more the profit.

You can even force the silver price to increase by buying all silver from the refineries for 5c over silver price (if you have such funds available).
You'll dry up the silver supply,forcing silver over $200/oz within a year or 2.

All that I want if You use my idea is 1% of your profit, and that You buy all my silver at current silver price.
Please note that for this idea to work, You should not sell your silver for at least a year, just keep on buying the whole time.
My 1% of Your profit should be calculated per month, for 24 months.
Afterwards, everything remains for You.

Alternatively, I could accept a sum of money once off, so that You don't have to give me the 1% per month.

This is a very perspective investment opportunity for anyone willing to support my project.
Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

You'll have an atvantage over other buyers by buying for 5c/g or R1.55/oz more than current price, and by doing this, the value to increases.

Use of financing

For the main idea - buying a huge amount of silver and providing a secure storage facility as well, to keep the silver in.

A potential investor can also keep the silver at a location of his choice, and he may sell it whenever he wants, although it's recommended to sell after 1 year or longer.

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