Mining and Engineering Start-up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

My idea is to establish a company that can perform operations like design of mechanical structures, manufacturing, mining, drilling and maintanance on plants. The company will serve mainly the mining industries and the government sector.

I am aiming to provide world class services to the mining and government sectors as well as to private companies. The services will include actual mining and engineering, as well as designing and manufacturing of mining and industrial engineering components (as per scope of a client).

The cash payback will be 9 months from the start of the project.

We are surrounded by mining companies, greenfileds, early-stage and operational sectors that are needy of professional engineering services ranging from mining to finished products.

We offer to the investor an on-going business and partnership. Instead of targeting one entity we are going to diversify our market segment. Hence, we have a good client base in the mining, government and private sectors.

Looking at the future of most clients requires latest technology in order for them to reach their expected targets and we are there to ensure that our mechanisms are enforced in a professional manner, in accordance with the quality standards.

The project is at a start-up stage. We have managed to secure a few clients in our chosen field of expertise.

We need funding to secure cash flow and maintenance.

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