Mining, Beneficiation & Commodity Trading and Marketing.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The company seeks to source funding to establish a cut and polish workshop in the Johannesburg Diamond Centre, acquire diamond, coal, copper, manganese, iron ore and oil concessions/ mineral rights in the South African, DRC, Lesotho and other areas of value and investment interest.

This is an integrated mineral resource organization which seeks to derive value in its operations through the mineral value chain in three divisions, namely mining, beneficiation and marketing (commodity trading of various minerals) and pursue mining opportunities in the African countries.

Our mining strategy is to initiate alluvial mining with existing permit holders, acquire ongoing concern on low cost operations but with high value resources and/or acquire mineral concessions/rights in other African countries with the intention to pursue mining opportunities.

The beneficiation division will operate an independent but internal, organization controlled cut & polish workshop which will manufacture production for other dealers and/or mining operations and also in-house mining operations and mineral plant process facilities.

The commodity marketing division will encompass buying section; a team of buyers will be dispersed to rough tenders locally and to African countries to source and high value rough diamonds. Rough tendering section will sell mined production and participate in polished auctions around the strategic diamond areas of the world, e.g. Dubai, London, Antwerp, New York etc.

The organization has been sourcing rough diamonds in the local area and other African markets (DRC). The company could not make reasonable and sustainable returns due to lack of adequate capacity and sufficient funds. Many lessons were learnt throughout that process.

Investors can contact us on Merar for more information. "Profile and Growth Strategy" document is available for download.

Competitive Advantage

We currently have a diamond dealer licence, adequate experience and strong networks with the junior mining industry and relevant authorities to acquire mineral concessions and permits to develop mines in the African countries.

Rationale for the deal

Acquire majority shareholding and control of existing mines in Grasfontein, North-Weast province, Uitgevonden Small mining (Pty) Ltd or acquire mining permits and/or mineral concessions.
Start a Cut & Polish workshop in Johannesburg Diamond Center.
Selling polished diamonds through Rapport Diamond Corporation channels.
Exclusive or preferential diamond marketing rights on the acquired mine.

Use of financing

To tap into the African mineral resource base to achieve it's strategic growth.
To market all in-house production to various global markets.

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