PGM Mine Dumps in South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

PGM and Chromite recovery from old mine dumps (PGM, Gold, and Chromite). We require the funds to set up a plant and to install the required infrastructure on site. We want to supply local and international markets with chrome concentrate as well as PGM's and gold recovered from these dumps.

We recently sourced 16 million tons of material in the Rustenburg area, Western limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex. The material contains on average 2,4g/t 4E PGM and around 13% Chromite.

The material needs to be tested through a pilot plant and the dumps need to be drilled and assayed further to get to a proven reserve.

However preliminary results are positive and encourages further research into this project.

We have been negotiating with the mines for almost 6 months and we need to start moving on this deal.

We are currently at a stage whereby we require further funding in order to determine the feasibility of the project. The funding will go towards drilling the dumps assaying the material and to appoint the necessary specialists.

Interested investors should kindly contact the writer to discuss above. Preliminary test results are also available for download.

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