CineflexV14 HD Aerial and Ground Camera System Seeks Finance

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Cineflex V14 aerial and ground camera system, its stability and features are groundbreaking but largely unaffordable in South Africa because of high rental costs.

The Cineflex V14 Camera System is a state of the art aerial and ground unit that has proven itself as a high end, super stable solution to High Definition acquisition.
Film and Television companies globally has turned to using the Cineflex System because of its high end results and versatility.

Cineflex has achieved state-of-the-art image stabilization with its multiaxis gimbal systems enabling extremely long lens -- long-range, high-definition imagery. Images were produced by the Cineflex in the BBC's recent production of Planet Earth. All the aerial shots in this program were taken with the Cineflex Camera System and the program's producers have stated that many segments would not have been possible without Cineflex's technology.

Chris Hughes: Director of Photography and specialised camera operator :

I am currently the only professionally trained Cineflex operator/technician in South Africa and with 15 years broadcast experience have met high standards and demands.
I have worked on programs such as:
Shoreline - SABC 2, Homebrew Films
"The Philanthropist" - ABC Network
Fear Factor - Mnet/Endomol
"Silent Witness" - BBC
SWC 2010 Stadiums - Input Media (UK)
Some of my work can be seen at:

My association with Chief Pilot/Director Gert Uys- has positioned us as the facility of choice. Gert was also the chief pilot and aerial coordinator of: Blood Diamond, Lord of War, Amelia, Flight of the Phoenix, Doomsday to name a few and has been accredited by film directors world wide.
Profile and credentials ---

Competitive Advantage

The business plan shows the strong growth and income potential of CFT, based on its significant competitive advantages in the local market, low overhead cost and solid income potential. The financial growth combined with brand building and a strong focus on customers’ satisfaction, will ensure the business remains healthy and lucrative and maintains its status as a low risk investment opportunity.

Use of financing

The investment will be required to facilitate the purchase of equipment, initial marketing and fund working capital during the start-up phase.

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