Fashion Model and Character Agency Start-Up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We provide grooming and training of potential fashion models and on camera artist and introduce them to the glamorous world of fashion and beauty, and becoming TV personalities, fashion models and Miss SA`s.

MGS are planning to scout and recruit male and females who have potential to make a name for themselves, but need to get connected and work with top producers and directors locally and internationally.

Our office will be operating from Cape Town as there is so much potential in terms of job creation for this industry. e.g TV commercials, fashion shows, editorials and different mediums.

We looking at a 4 year payback period of which it depends on the investor, at his stage we don`t have collateral and looking at a potential investor who would come foreword and give us an opportunity to reach our goal and make a difference to the lives of the average human being.

I have been in this industry for over 30 years as a fashion model and managing agent, I need to run a company of my own, I have acquired experience and running of the agency.

There is a big demand for fashion models and on camera artist and this is a perfect time for me as an ex SA model to activate my passion for the industry and have more drive as will not be working for someone else but myself.

We had a launch recently in Cape Town and the response is promising therefore we really need funding to run the agency from an well equipped office environment..

Competitive Advantage

We are focusing on something different from what other agencies are doing as we are working on running pageants in varsities, colleges and schools to create a more productive way of scouting (finding new potentials) and also in terms of grooming to reach out to the corporate sector and Government departments

This is sustainable as MGS will go an extra mile to make this company successful as I am well known as an ex model and booker/managing agent. and have already motivated by my ex boss and model agent me to follow my passion.

Rationale for the deal

We are now at the stage where are having lots of queries from people who are interested in working with us and wants to join the agency.

Money will be generated from bookings for shoots, grooming, hosting of beauty pageants/fashion shows and registrations to go unto the website.

Use of financing

The investment is needed to run the company professionally

Looking for similar investment opportunities