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Investment Opportunity

We are an up-and-coming production company based in South Africa. We have, for a very long time, wanted to move more towards feature-film making.

We commissioned an award-winning South African writer to write a screenplay for us and this is how Koringberg was born.


Ruan and Letitia Roodenacht are a young professional couple who trade their busy city lives for the countryside. "We’re going back to our roots!" is what the couple tells their friends when deciding to move to the remote farming town of Koringberg.
In the idyllic village - almost a ghost town with deserted, gravel streets and people lurking through curtains - they are initially happy. But something is amiss. Who is the beautiful, battered coloured girl who Letitia constantly sees wandering the streets at night? What is Koringberg’s hidden and sordid secret? Why do the towns’ people hide themselves from the newcomers? The answer may be hiding in the town’s recent history, layered with prejudices from the past…

Korinberg is a psychological thriller with horror elements and a surprising twist that plays out in the beautiful landscapes of the Western Cape of South Africa. It is written by an award-winning writer,
Schalk Schoombie. Fear is a destination…


The South African Film industry has in recent years been experiencing a constant and exciting growth. Not only is the film industry that we saw in the 90’s being revived, but it’s being improved on.

We believe that there is immense potential in the industry for filmmakers and investors alike. The demand for South African films is on the rise and thus also the opportunity for investors, to not only make a positive return, but also play a part in creating more job opportunities and a flow for future projects.

We are extremely excited to become a part of the revival, and now is the perfect time to make our mark in the industry. We are fully prepared and capable to produce a brilliant and professional product/project. This will by no means be our first and only film project, but the first step towards a lucrative career in the industry. We already have plans for the future projects and we are very dedicated towards the further growth of the industry. We hope to work with various talents of the film industry, be it artists, writers or directors, in order to produce bigger projects in the future. This will give more people the opportunities to become a part of South African filmmaking and thus creating a positive flow.

Basically, what we need from you is to help us fund the filming of Koringberg the Movie. This includes everything from equipment rental, securing the best possible actors, crew costs and everything else that we need to get this movie made. There are many opportunities for you, either in your personal capacity, or as a company to benefit from investing in or sponsoring the filming of Koringberg.

We are looking at gaining funding for the filming and production of this film, we have many opportunities available for potential investors, ranging from shares of the profits, credits, product placement etc. We are looking at principle photography commencement in September this year and release of the film in 2013. We already have a distribution deal in place, so you can be assured that the movie will have exposure. We believe that in the growing film industry of South Africa, and especially in the Afrikaans sector, Koringberg has the potential to be a great success.

We hope that you can catch our vision and help to make this film a reality.

Please contact us if you would like any further details on the project.

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