Investment in South African Film Aimed at the International Market

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Uncapped Profit Share & Lifetime Royalties, Government Support = Reduced Investor Risk + Higher Returns, ROI of 18-850%, Distribution Secured

This is a hard-hitting full length South African independent feature film drama, to be produced in Cape Town, South Africa, targeted at a niche international festival/arthouse audience.

With a stellar local cast and award-winning, experienced crew with box-office track record, the dark and intriguing father and son story will be made in English to maximise its international appeal, and the targeted distribution strategy will maximise the exploitation of the film rights across all territories and platforms worldwide.

This proposal is looking to offer investors an opportunity to partner with our company, through contractual entitlement, to a share in the net profits: An ownership arrangement that gives partners the right to claim a share of profits proportionate to their respective financial contributions to the production.

Because government support of 30% of the total budget for the film is already committed, less private investment capital is needed. This reduces investor risk and offers the prospect of higher returns.

Investors will also be rewarded with an Associate Producer credit.

A total of $373 000 is sought in partnership equity finance. A total entitlement of 50% of net profits is on offer with potential projected returns on investment ranging from 18% to 850% over a period of five years. Every $7367 invested will carry an entitlement to 1% of net profits. The minimum investment amount is $22 000.

Competitive Advantage

Uncapped Profit Share & Lifetime Royalties
Government Support = Reduced Investor Risk + Higher Returns
ROI of 18-850%
Bond and Insurance in place
Distribution secured

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