Entertainment Company Managing Models / Artists and Organizing Events

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our aim is to manage young models/ artists and unleash the talent's potential. We will provide events planning. Funding is required for renting office space.

The service we would like to provide is models/artist management and events planning. The payback period is estimated at one year.

The project idea is a good one because its feasible. There are a lot of cc's that need models and I have events lined up to raise money. I also plan events for other people. We believe that this idea will sell in today's market since many artists/models need agents and people need a trusted agent to manage their events.

We are currently at the 2nd stage of project development and we need some additional funding. The investor may also become a managing director of the business.

Competitive Advantage

What will distingush this project concerning the events management aspect is that we will be organizing unique events never done before, for example events to entertain cc/alcohol brands etc.

Rationale for the deal

I will be charging the customers I am organizing events for. This way I will make money out of each event I make for others. In addition, I will get commissions and payments out of modelling projects.

Use of financing

The financing will be used for office space rental and marketing. I do not have the finance needed for the project fulfilment, therefore I am looking for an investor. I would like to receive investment installments monthly.

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