Investment Project for Uitenhage Action Cricket Arena

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

My aim is to start a indoor cricket arena where u and the family can enjoy a nice evening playing cricket and have at the same time a nice healhty meal.

Funding is needed to hire a building put carpets in buy the nets, balls open a bar and food delhi.

Hi there investors i want to start a cricket arena in Uitenhage there is alot of intrest for this tipe of place in Uitenhage i need the money to hire a place and start setting up the holpe indoor nets and bar and the delhi i want to start a place where familys can come and enjoy themselfs.

Your money will go towards the hirering of a building then buying the carpets, setting up the nets. From there i will need to buy balls to play with, then i will need buy stand so the people can sit on. Then there is the opening of the bar and the delhi. The funding will go toward opening the bar buying the bevarrages big srceen for the rugby and cricket and soccer to.

This is a dream for me please can someone help me thank you. Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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