Buy Franchise in the Petrol or the Food Industry

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I want to buy into the franchise area because here in South Africa people are selling their existing business because they have other business adventures. I want to radar a service in the petrol industry or in the food industry. The real service that I want to provide is buying in existing Petrol or Food franchise eg BP Express, Spur.

Because I'm buying existing business that have a reputation already, I only have to build on that reputation. I will pay the amount over a period of 10 years. At this point buying into this existing business and that the Spars is a Gold mine in South Africa and as you will see in the document I provide you later you will see the nett profit a Spar can make in South Africa.

Sorry to say but a shop like Spar and BP Express there is a big and constant market for it on high scale. It and opportunity for investors to help a disadvantage and disable person to make a stand in South Africa and also get advertise in South Africa for more business to the investor.

At this point the business is doing very well and also it is growing by the day because demanding market. I need actually R10 million because i have other business adventure that i would also buy into.

Competitive Advantage

There is not really a big competitive because this business or franchise is well establish in the community already and also the competitives is not big threat.

Rationale for the deal

My opportunity to contribute to the unemployment in South Africa and also help growing with the business and build relationships with the different culture in the work place and in the community. Because this is exiting business and have a proven financial record that it is making money and i no intent or believe that it would not make money because there is a big demand for my opportunity. As per my reach so far every owner i know is making money out there with this market but all of them say it is what you are making of it.

Use of financing

Reason why i need a investment because i will be honest as a disadvantage and disable person i don't have the funds to purchase or even the bank does not give a loan here in South Africa easy for people in my instituation. The reason for the finance is because i would like to be opportuniest and be a leader and take charge of my life and i also dont want to work a boss for the rest of my life and nothing to show for. I'm willing to sign a 5 % partnership deal until i paid off the loan amount.

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