Fish and Chips Franchise Acquisition

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Fish and Chips franchise acquisition in South Africa.

OLD FASHIONED FISH AND CHIPS is a future progression of the traditional fish and chips shops in the UK back when they used traditional recipes and top quality products..... OLD FASHIONED FISH AND CHIPS has taken it a step further, using organically sourced products, adding a traditional secret spice based batter to the fish and searched the whole of South Africa to find the best "A" grade potatoes available.

This franchise is fast growing in the South African market and it has got a potential of sustaining in the fast food industry. We will be able to disclose more information to interested investors if they contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Established Franchise

The franchise company provides support to the new franchise owner

Franchisors will provide sponsored advertising for all outlets including products. The franchise company will use large, expensive advertising campaigns such as TV advertising and media marketing.

There is already an established customer base which is very important.

Rationale for the deal

Established customer base

The plan is to have two or more outlets opened in town and semi-rural areas.

Franchise have lunch for as little as R12, feed a family for under R50.....Affordable, well sized portions, customer service and quality has never been available as an all in one package at most "take aways". OLD FASHIONED FISH AND CHIPS has found by sticking to these fundamental basics, a foundation of a supplier-customer relationship is that much closer

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