Sport Health Energy Drink Ready to Launch Seeks Investor Partner

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A unique and healthy energy drink for sports lovers & health conscious people is ready to be launched by well-known group of people in South Africa.

All ground work is completed, market testing, product development, design, flavours, packaging, bottling etc. Now groups needs marketing and launch budget. World renowned apparel is on board.

The drink has 3 or 4 flavours. Exciting design and recyclable, usable bottle design. Used bottles it can be used in construction also. Very innovative product; A world class champion is also ambassador and on board in this project. A world class sports apparel brand is also on board. Opportunity to have access to regional distribution exclusivity is also available for various countries.

26% shares are being offered to the investor partner. The group is well known and influential in South Africa and meetings can be arranged by me. I am official mandate to secure investor partner. Investment can be secured by different methods to secure interested investor. All details, and market data is available. Huge potential exists to grow and expand in different markets with this dynamic group.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Excellent product
Excellent team
Excellent concept
Excellent launch country South Africa
Experienced professionals from F&B industry and well known globally with credibility and track record of business successes
Excellent opportunity to grow in many regions
Great team & partners

Rationale for the deal

Invest 3mn USD get 26% equity in South African business. It is ready to launch. All ground work complete. Just will bottle and distribute and sell.

It can be arranged to first direct all revenue towards investor to settle his capital as he is the one taking the risk. Then he will continue to receive 26% of the profits once his investment is returned.

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