First of Its Kind Hybrid Website with Huge Potential Seeks Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is about creating an internet based megastore, focused on everything the young family needs. The funding we need to kick-start stage 4 of an 8 month project.

The full scope of the project is included in our well formulated business plan. What makes this a good business idea is that with the current tools we have at our disposal, we can reach every young family member around the world at the touch of a button. Ideas like social networking laid a proven foundation the past few years, for the next generation of hybrid sites, like ours, to be the future of social networking, e-commerce, and education combined. We have everything well planned and in place, ready for the investor(s) that grab this unique opportunity to get high returns for his-or hers investments.

The investor also have a range of investment options from buying shares, silent partnership, or to work in harmony with the site creators, and have the opportunity to share new and great ideas.

Why will it sell in today's market? Well, for (1) There are no other ideas like this on the we need to be the first, and (2) There are 2000 babies born in South Africa alone every day...240 000 around the globe every 24 hours, and this is by far the biggest market around the world. (Just think about what you can sell...:) Humanity needs a site like this.

We are currently at stage 3, the funding stage. Everything else is in place. Additional funding is needed to do intensive marketing.

This idea is so unique that only serious investors may reply, the investor's trust and our trust in the investor is more important than the idea. The business plan will only be given to the investor(s) that take the time to get to know us like we want to get to know them. You have only one life, and there is not a second to waste.

Competitive Advantage

Of course there will be "copies" and similar sites around the globe, but we will have the advantage over all because we will be the first. The other advantages that we will have is that the site will also be transformed into reality, for we planned to form offices or what we call "hubs" around the globe, to assist in many forms of donations, sales, marketing and general information and parental education. This will also create job opportunities around the globe. The advantages will be more than sustainable, but will almost be never repeated on such a large scale. The site might be copied, but the, that is our idea, and we are certain no one have thought about it so far.

Rationale for the deal

See our detailed business plan for further details on how finances will be generated on a large scale.

Use of financing

See our detailed business plan for further details.

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