Global Internet Service for Hospitality / Leisure Property Owners

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Target market: Hospitality / leisure property owners worldwide. In excess of: 21,000,000 properties and 750,000,000 international travelers annually.

Our service is web based and self serviced by it's members. The service is to be offered in up to 100 countries and in up to 26 languages. Company income from membership and booking fees in various currencies.

The need:

● No hospitality / leisure property has a 100% occupancy rate.
● Owners of hospitality / leisure properties are increasingly looking at web-based advertising to improve the occupancy rate of their underutilised accommodation space.
● Apart from the bigger hotel chains, very few of them use real-time, online availability search, booking and payment processing facilities.

The service:

* A global online internet service offered exclusively to hospitality / leisure property owners and the traveling public.
* Service level 1: Turning their underutilized accommodation space into free accommodation, for their own holidays or business trips worldwide, at any other hospitality / leisure property owner who is a member of our service. Resulting in huge annual savings to our members on accommodation costs for holiday or business trips.
* Service level 2: Endeavour to increase their accommodation occupancy rate at their property from the travelling paying public, by marketing our service in up to 100 countries and in up to 26 languages, using our own real time online accommodation availability search and booking engine and processing the required payments from the traveling public to our members online during the booking process.

Total $2,300,000 debt / equity funding is required:

First round start up investment of USD846,820 at very low, almost zero risk (See page 9 of the Executive Summary)

Second round investment of USD1,453,180 at no risk; to be committed but only used after viability is proven; this will be within 8 months after start.

The project will reach an estimated turnover of +-USD82,000,000 within 4 years from the start.
The estimated profit in the 4th year +-USD30,000,000.

Comprehensive traceable e-mail has been sent and web based survey has been done with 4,930 hospitality property owners. 47% of those we reached expressed interest in our service.

Competitive Advantage

We have identified a number of competitive advantages and reasons why our potential customers should use our services (+-18 advantages & reasons). Furthermore, who could be our competition? What similar services are available in the market presently? These are all explained in the full 50 page "Business plan".

Rationale for the deal

We are seeking debt against equity.

The investment risk is very low and further reduced to 37% = $846,820 of the total investment of $2,300,000.

Alternatively, a $170,000 for a special debt against equity deal to enable us to source the total required funding via a PPM regulation D.

Service level 1:

There are in excess of 21,000,000 hospitality and leisure properties world-wide.
Our target is to register +-1% as members of our service within 4 years, asking them to pay a monthly membership fee, or monthly fee payable annually in advance at a discount.

Service level 2:

There will be an extra income from service level 2, whereby the public (in excess of 750,000,000 International travelers annually, which excludes domestic travel) can make accommodation bookings at our members' property. The extra income from a fee per booking received from the paying traveling public in service level 2 is not included in our profit projections.

Company's estimated net profits: Estimated excess cash from fees paid annually in advance

Profit year 1: $361,883 .............. Excess cash available year 1: $856,388
Profit year 2: $5,266,529 ........... Excess cash available year 2: $3,887,048
Profit year 3: $14,758,507 ......... Excess cash available year 3: $9,600,778
Profit year 4: 29,768,667 ........... Excess cash available year 4: $11,121,763

Use of financing

The investment is needed over a period of 17 months, itemized and detailed month by month, for setting up a tax efficient offshore structure, to finish the development stage, pre-launch the service and start the global roll-out.

A 16 page "Executive summary" and a 50 page "Business plan" are available.

If interested in this opportunity, please contact me to request the
"Executive summary" and/or the "Business plan"

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