Investment Project for Innovative Notions

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are planning on launching an online platform designed for the corporate industry. This will take social media and advertising to a new level and focuses on both business to business and business to consumer related services and products.Funding will be used to acquire office space, staff and realize an investment commitment from Equity Partners.

The company will launch Innovative Notions as its flagship platform offering and the other two platforms (i-Vault and e-staff) in the following two years. Adapted from the words ‘we know the web’, this platform will initially be launched as a universal market site, with our sights set on integrating a search engine, social networking and online gaming platform.

To trade from the URL, businesses will be able to offer products and services such as online consulting to the online market. Users will be able to search for almost anything they can imagine (products or services), match their buying/selling requirements (price, location and quality) then select preferred buying/selling method (traditional, bidding/auctioning and aggregated) and payment type (credit card, EFT or direct deposit). The site provides a cost effective alternative to businesses who can’t afford web development and marketing costs, but would like to conduct business online.
R 0.00
R 200,000.00
R 400,000.00
R 600,000.00
R 800,000.00
R 1,000,000.00
R 1,200,000.00
R 1,400,000.00
R 1,600,000.00
3.1 Service Description

1. Virtual Marketplace – Businesses will be able to advertise products/services using a platform that facilitates transactions on a business to business (b2b), business to consumer (b2c) and consumer to consumer (c2c) level, this will maximize their product and services exposure and increase sales probability. Users have the benefit of having a wider product/services selection, and a large number of suppliers to choose from with lower costs for goods/services and different buying methods and payment types available. Users are also able to list products/services for sale.

2. Buying Methods & Payment types – Innovative Notions will support three buying and selling methods with which to complete transactions.
Traditional buying/selling: is the conventional way of conducting transactions. Auctioning/Bidding: is the sale of goods to the highest bidder. Aggregated buying: is where consumers form mass buying groups in order to reduce the costs of a product/service. The platform will support Credit card, EFT and direct deposits as accepted payment types.

3. Courier Services – The market site will have a selection of major courier companies, who are efficient and reliable, ensuring that goods are delivered fast, in good condition and at the best possible price.

3.2 Product Description
Membership – In order for a business to trade on the market site, a membership level will first have to be selected of which there are 3 to choose from. Billable memberships can be taken on monthly, bi-annual or annual basis. FreeMogul: is the free membership offering and provides minimal reach on the site. MogulStar: is the customisable membership offering, and provides basic reach (R) and presence (P) as standard, with the option of increasing P&R as required at extra costs. MogulPro: is the premium membership offering. Providing maximum P&R, included as standard with this package.

2. Presence and Reach (P&R) – The range of products that controls the level of awareness and functional

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