Online Copyright Protection Service in Search for Equity Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity is a site that makes it easy for creators and owners of original works (or "OW"s) to protect and manage their intellectual property by verifying and authenticating each work via a secure and comprehensive validation process.

Myows aims to become the worldwide authority of online copyright storage and verification. It will do this by providing the safest and easiest interface to customers whilst forging solid partnerships and relationships across the globe in the fields of authentication, security and copyright.

The need for copyright protection has gained greater traction in recent years and it will not abate as the online and physical worlds emerge. The ability for people to infringe on copyrights is growing daily as their reach on both platforms grow. Until now, people have not had easy access to copyright protection and verification. Myows offers that to them.

Myows is operational and has 8 100 users as of 12 April 2012. We also have converted some of these free users to paid members.

We need funds to grow and develop both the software and business. The use of financing and our offer to investors are presented below.

Competitive Advantage

• Community Orientated (“safety in numbers”)
• Comprehensive (“one stop shop-ness”)
• Great Value
o Free & Low cost paid memberships
• User Friendly
o Fully automated process
• Technologically Advanced
o Advanced platforms, server technologies and designers
• Market leaders

We have an advantage over competitors because we come from creative industries that NEED copyright protection and we were one of the first out of the gates in terms of developement and understanding of our product.

What we have done can be replicated, however it would take some serious funding and staffing in order to get up to speed with us.

Rationale for the deal

We are in the commercial stage of our business development. We already know from our current numbers that there is a correlation between free and paid members. There is a demand for paid memberships amongst many professionals who can use our services as a value added service to theirs.

Advertising revenues are another source of income, which is natural for a site generating thousands of unique visitors a month. Our analytics show that visitors to our site spend over 3,5 minutes on our site before leaving – that is a captured audience right there. They also browse from work and have college degrees and are mainly males.

Use of financing

We are seeking to raise $275 000 (two hundred and seventy five thousand US Dollars only) for the following purposes,
• To establish a corporate presence to operate a cohesive and ongoing marketing, development and support service for the Myows operation
• To staff up and fund the business development, marketing, programme development and support needs
• To fund the operations until such time as commercial break even is achieved

Opportunity for the investor

Myows is offering a 10% equity share for the $275 000 (two hundred and seventy five thousand US Dollars only) it is seeking to raise for its operations. Any shares sold in Myows are specifically non-transferable and must be maintained for a minimum of 2 years after which they may be sold back to Myows under the right of first refusal as follows:
• To re-purchase shares sold to investors with a rate of return equal to 15% compounded interest after 2 years, or
• Investors may choose to remain invested, or
• Investors may sell their shareholding to 3rd parties, however this will need the written consent of the Myows board

Every investment and deal is negotiable. What we have presented is our offer. We are more than happy to work with individual investors to tailor the investment to their needs/criteria.

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