Online Entertainment and Robotics for the Online Sectors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Unique patented system that lets users control live avatars from anywhere. We intend to hyper scale the product and create franchise opportunities.

We have built the prototype and back end software as well as the web portal. All the hardware has been designed by our company and we wish to launch globally.

Either we are successful in equity finance to hyper scale our product or we will go online with a smaller version.

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone wanting to grow this with us.

Competitive Advantage

We possess the technology to franchise globally, although we are sure competitors will eventually breach the market with copies, they would not have the sequels to gain traction.

Rationale for the deal

Two Co-Founders with a Software engineer.
Developed multi-million sellers for the biggest video game companies and a Successful Gaming professional.
Excellent relationship builder.

Use of financing

Hyper scale our product.

Opportunity for the investor

Either an equity deal or further discussion.

Looking for similar investment opportunities