Restart of Import and Export Company with Logistics and Distribution

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Restart of Import and Export company with logistics dept and distribution of imported goods to clients in the security industry for retail sales.

Import of goods for the security industry from the USA and China.

Export of the goods to security clients in the SADAC Region (Zimbabwe is Excluded) and Central Africa.

Logistics company required to deliver said goods to clients.

Import and Export of selected items to clients who have requested sourcing and supply of selected items, eg : telescopic sights and night vision equipment.

Supply and distribution of uniforms and tactical equipment in bulk to security companies, from suppliers in the USA and China

the repayment period will be within 3 to 5 years with a return of 5 % within the first year.

It is currently a select market an there is scope for expansion into other industries and products.

A business partner in the SADAC Region and Central Africa and also access to the South African market.

There is a demand for good quality equipment within the security industry and also there are only a few suppliers within the region for the security industry.

Looking for investors and/ or possible business partner in venture and have already secured the required Import and Export permit here in South Africa.

The funding will be used for initial seed stock as well as purchase of premises and vehicles.

Competitive Advantage

1. Am registered with Rothco as a Distributer for their products and also with some of the other companies in the USA and China region for some of the products required by the security industry .

2. The quality of the goods sourced for clients, As the Quality of the goods Currently Available here for the Security industry is of poor quality and is also overpriced.

3. Yes

The competitors are using freighting agents to acquire their goods and I have the advantage of having a Import Export Permit registered in My company's name already.
The South African Government is only issuing Import Export Permits Now With a short Life span, ( 3 Month, 6 month, and 1 year permits are all that are being issued now within the south african industry.)

My permit is valid for an indefinite period as it was issued before the changes made by new government.

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