Investors Needed for Telemarketing

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are turning R30 000 investments into +-R150 000 within a month, plus give you an additional passive income of R50 000 per month thereafter. We are now opening these benefits for all starting 1 February 2012. Please contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss this investment opportunity.

How it works?

• We have a product that sells which no one else is allowed to sell but us.
• We have a team of call centre agents that will sell it for you.
• You rent our call centre, plus agents at R30 000 PM or once off if you want. (your investment) Rands/ZAR
• We do have other products as well, but its products that don’t have a passive income and the monthly income can be slightly different from what Iv stated above. Also, some of those products are already assigned to more than one call centre to sell.

Benefits to you and us:

• We also earn a good percentage from the sales made.
• We can manage to keep our overheads as low as possible.
• Your R30000 investment gives us the opportunity to hire more staff, pay for our airtime & just focus on sales and making you money.
• We can now expand the business and setup more telemarketing offices, which means the business can only grow faster with just 1 extra R30 000 investment.

All we need is your investment and we will do the rest.

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