Investors Needed for Television Station Broadcasting Across Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The channel is currently set up. Potential to generate at minimum R15 000 000+ annually in advertising and sponsorship profit. Broadcast across South Africa.

Proposal Summary:

We would like to develop and produce 15 + new and exciting shows to be broadcast on this new channel. The shows will consist of the following:
- Comedy, Soaps, Animations, Variety, Reality, Movies, Investment and Business news, A Music show(s) which will eventually branch out to form another Dstv Music Channel, and so forth.
These shows will require topnotch South African actors and the best equipment we can get. The financing of the shows will go towards financing of the Pilots and launching the station at Multichoice as well as a launch party. These Pilots will then be viewed by Multichoice then they will launch the channel. We will be receiving monthly subscription fees as part of the Dstv bouquet . In the near future we plan to be the 5th local television station in South Africa. We have already lined up sponsors and advertisers for the channel that will be advertising with us.

Contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

There is room for the channel already. It's a matter of producing the programmes.
It's broadcasting across Africa meaning more opportunities for major Advertisers across Africa and Major conglomerates wanting to distribute they commodities and services across the continent. Advertisers have already lined up to advertise with us.

We will be producing entertaining, high quality and definition shows which will attract audiences across the continent.

We have discovered a gap in the market and seen a window of opportunity .

More youthful programming that will attract people from the current generation.

Our competitors offer something to different to what we want to offer .

We offering originality at it's best .

Plus we will be applying for a license to be the fifth broadcaster in South Africa

The current privately owned and 4th broadcaster Etv makes over R170 million in profit annually.

Rationale for the deal

The Investor the opportunity to triple his investment within the first two years or at minimum (worst case scenario) gain 30% percent growth on Investment.

Advertisers are willing to advertise on the channel
Dstv is satellite broadcasting television network broadcasting across Africa with more than 700 million subscribers across Africa .

Dstv channel subscriptions paid on a monthly basis.

Market players in the industry:

Use of financing

We need to produce new material and buy new shows for the station as well as buy equipment and pay the casts for the different shows. Some of the financing will go towards marketing the channel itself. The desired investment installment can be discussed on the day of the meeting .

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