Unique Advertising Trailers Business Looking for Start-Up Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The business plans to revolutionize mobile trailer advertising to the limit and set a high standard for competitors. $200,000 USD are needed at the start-up stage.

General Company Description

This company will consist of six divisions.

1. Advertising trailers
2. Trailer rental
3. Trailer sales
4. Custom built trailers
5. Trailer repairs
6. LDV rentals

The company will start with the advertising trailers, LDV’s and from there work towards 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Mission: To satisfy our customers in services, visibility, strategic planning and what their objective needs and requirements might be.

Vision: To be the most prominent mobile advertiser in the RSA.

Marketing Plan

As soon as the trailers are patented and completed I will invite major companies to the pre-launch reception where cheese and wine will be offered. The day after advertisements will appear in newspapers, magazines, fliers and there will be radio a broadcast. Internet advertising will play a major role as well.


Research was done through the Internet: I browsed the Internet locally and internationally to see how and what services and products competitors provide to their customers. All of them seem to be doing the same way of operating their businesses and pricing, with small differences in the range between RSA and abroad.

In the RSA I contacted the major mobile trailer advertisers and received some private information about operational statistics and financial welfare of the different companies, and they were all doing very well. Some of them advertise only on the internet while others advertise on their trailers too.

Management and Organisation

I have a vast experience in managing businesses and will be managing these businesses as well. In the first 6 months there will be 3 teams consisting of 3 trailer developers each.

I will be working with these teams for 3 months + to build the unique advertising trailers and after the 6 month I will keep the 2 best teams for another period of 3 months and then keep the best 3 workers for the custom-built trailers division.

Professional and Advisory Support

• Board of directors - To be selected at the end of the 2nd year.
• Management advisory board - End of first year.
• Attorney – On standby.
• Accountant – On standby.
• Banker - In place.
• Insurance – On standby; Will be made as business progresses

Competitive Advantage

Competitive field; Difficult to other trailer advertisers to follow and maintain.

Rationale for the deal

Corporate and commercial businesses will find it difficult NOT to advertise on my trailers. They are not just unique; they will draw attention wherever they appear. The future of advertising trailers in South Africa has not yet been exploited to its fullest, and I am taking full advantage of that fact. All these trailers will be patented in South Africa, USA and the UK.

Use of financing

Start Up Expenses and Capitalization

All the items mentioned below include taxes and delivery costs. Provision has been made for contingency.

• Advertising Trailers x 10
• Accountant
• Clothing (Employees)
• Cleaning Materials
• Contingencies
• Electricity
• First Aid Kit
• Fire extinguishers
• Fuel
• Insurance (All mentioned here)
• LDV’s x 5
• Lawyer
• Life insurance (cover for investment)
• Marketing
• Machinery
• Maintenance
• Office equipment
• Paint
• Patent rights
• Registration of Trailers
• Registration of Workers
• Rent
• Safety Equipment
• Salaries
• Sanitary ware
• Security
• Stationary
• Sign Writing
• Tools
• Trailers for Rent x 20+
• Web page

Total project cost: $ 200,000.00

Opportunity for the investor

What I have to offer to the investor interested in my project is as follows:

1. The investor will receive 10% of the profit from selling the patent rights in the USA and the UK.

2. I also offer the investor a 10% return on investment per annum and the down payment in the last year of $ 200,000.00 plus the 10%.

This however, is open for negotiation.
I thank you for taking time to read this proposal.
Should you require more information, please feel free to contact me.

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