Housing Program To Serve the Neediest in South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project idea is to supply housing to the lower income people in South Africa.


The company will provide a comprehensive building program that will result in homes as well as meaningful employment opportunities for less fortunate people in our community.

This is an initial inquiry for my company, the Wise Choice Contractors, to consider a full proposal for my proposed project.

After 27 years of working in various areas in our country and seeing the shortfall for proper homes, people ending up in shacks, and others living in small one-bedroom houses, two, or even three families at a time, I believe it is time for me to put in action my experience as an N6 business manager and a qualified mill-wright for 26 years, my passion for the people in my community, and my passion to help others in need from all walks of life.

The need:

More than 5,000 families in South Africa are disconnected from the mainstream and lack self-confidence because they do not have a proper home to live in, or to invite someone to come and visit them.

The company will build at least 1000 houses and more, and will play a unique role in the landscape of services available to people living in our country. There are so many people who live at risk on the streets because housing is too expensive. They can be helped by building affordable homes, which can also be critical in building their motivation to pursue a better life, better living circumstances and employment.

Government and private funders have begun to demonstrate a new commitment to serving this underprivileged population. However, there are maybe only a few organizations operating effectively construction programs. Many established agencies struggle in their attempts to create meaningful housing programs. The company builds on an established model and method for creating a substantive building program that meets the needs of people.

How it works and who it serves:

Selected through a competitive process Wise Choice Contractors will reach out to all communities to offer ongoing support and track outcomes.

While the company will always strive to serve our people throughout our country, it will also function to prevent criminal justice involvement.


I am well prepared to develop and manage the company as well as to establish necessary linkages for the company. After being involved with these less fortunate communities and people for almost 27 years I went on to earn an N6 in business management and people skills to develop my ability to manage, as well as to better direct and increase resources to serve our people at risk. After having heard from these communities who are struggling, and don’t know what to do next, or I whom to turn to, I feel strongly that my next step should be to utilise my skills and experience to create and manage a company that can act as prevention of criminal justice involvement as well as contribute to reversing the trend of a growing homeless community.


Wise Choice Contractors will provide the underprivileged people with motivation to pursue employment, information, skills and experience and the will to work in a professional environment. I will apply my experience in developing, implementing and adapting systems to track program outcomes and to demonstrate the company’s success in order to grow and diversify support.

The company would blend well with other organisations. I look forward to the opportunity to work with the company’s team to build a strong organisation that can be a leader in quality housing for South Africa’s neediest communities.

Competitive Advantage

No other agencies build for this market because they are only interrested in large profit margins.

Use of financing

For vehicles, office costs, construction material and salaries.

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