Lifestyle Estate Development Outside the Urban Edge of Citrusdal

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

To develop a little private Lifestyle Estate for the Retirement Market as well as the outdoor nature lover who want to experience a well maintained lifestyle in nature. Funding needed to kick off development, which have been approved rights. The investment project is to start as soon as possible.

This development will be the one and only for this region. The land being outside the urban edge of Citrusdal means that the Developer must provide all the relevant services and act as a private municipality. The project will be sold on a Plot and Plan basis over phased period of 4 to 5 years.

After the Sales period, the income generators will exist forever as long as the services are rendered and paid privately for to the Developer. The advantage of this development is that other income generators are developed as part of the development plan, such as olive farming, service levies, estate levies and recreational activities on offer as part of the Lifestyle on the Estate.

The Investor will become part of the Developers group and participate in this exiting venture. The development is at the stage where the authorities have granted final approvals and that the land use rights are determined and approved. The next step will be to finalize architectural drawings and design of services plan together with drafting of Homeowners Association Manuel for Pre-Sales and Marketing to kick in.

The Sales will be done in-house. The funding will be needed as a JV Partner's contribution or straight funding.

Competitive Advantage

The site, which has been granted the development rights, is very unique. It is situated in a beautiful valley on the Western side of the fertile Citrusdal valley overlooking the Cedarmountain range. The exclusivity of this opportunity lies in the fact that this type development will not be allowed again as it is outside the urban edge and legislation was amended to avoid developments from happening outside the urban edge.

This makes the development more sustainable as the developer will render the services and the user will pay for these services by ways of a monthly rate -- that monies go to the service provider who is the developer. It is securing an on=going post-development income to the developer.

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity is develop a town which will be managed on a neutral political basis and where first world services will be provided to the people enjoying staying there. It is difficult to come up with a comparable analysis, as this area has not comparable at all. The area is already established as a tourist destination BUT no to very little permanent residential or Fractional ownership (lock-up and go) opportunities exist in the area BECAUSE the area is mainly citrus agricultural area with its land rezoned AGRICULTURE.

Use of financing

The investment is needed to get the marketing material and initial groundwork done which will enable the developer to market the opportunities successfully. Finance will be met by pre-sales and therefore the finance package will bridge the different stages against sufficient pre-sales in place.

The desired investment instalment will be US$1mil available on a draw down basis for the initial expense and the balance for surety for civil work to be done and others.

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