Property Development (Lifestyle Estate) Stands and Building Packages

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is a Lifestyle Estate that will sell the stands and the building packages in a secure Estate with amenities for the family in a secure and relaxing environment. The deal is structured to sell the total property as is. Phase 1 &2 Proclaimed 296 Residential 1 stands, 400 Cluster units clubhouse stands, Commercial stands, services provided.

The development in total has 782 Residential 1 units and 400 Cluster units including Commercial stands the total value of the stands excluding the building contract is $33,000,000 and this excludes phase 3 &4 in total at a un-serviced value of $10,000,000 with building contracts to the value of $142,000,000.

The development is currently in the selling phase and will consist of a Driving range ,Gym ,swimming pool, Tennis courts, squash courts, Rugby/soccer/Hockey field, clubhouse, Boot camp apparatus on walkways through the development, Mountain bike track, State of the art security, and a 5 year golf membership at a nearby golf course.

The total value of the development excluding growth if completed is $215,000,000. Due to the competitive price and the fact that this is one of a kind development the first and last in the growing area makes this a good investment and will definitely be a market leader as this is the only development of its kind in this area.

Competitive Advantage

Market plays a great role in the property industry and due to constant growth everybody needs a home. We have a distinct advantage above our competitors as we have tied up all power and the sewer network for the development with control of when the power should be done with the service agreement according to our sales to eliminate the competition and settle in the market.

Due to all developments moving to this area we are the last property of this size that can be done as no other property is available and no other development is able to provide the same amenities due to size constraints.

Rationale for the deal

All developers make money for this is simple buy develop and sell same as retail we provide a product that is better than the rest and the more you can provide at the best price the better you will do.

Due to the high volume you would be able to reduce price and create a better sale as it would mean that you buy at bulk price and sell at market related price for a better deal it will provide a competitive edge in negotiating better prices with suppliers.

Use of financing

The figures as supplied is for selling the development as is and to move on to other projects. The time constraints and partnership all has other intrest and the development will need dedication to be completed without other intrest. Due to the size of the development various amounts can be invested and can be structured to accomodate the investor and his needs as the possibilities are numerous.

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