Biltong Distributors Are Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: South Africa South Africa
  • Industry: Retail Trade
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $12,000,000 / min. $10,000,000

Investment Opportunity

We are making Bacon Biltong for 4 months now, and we are seeking investment to go bigger. We want to sell the bacon Biltong to all retail stores in South Africa and we are looking at export of bacon Biltong as well. In this 3 months we are busy with making our bacon biltong we grew from R10 000.00 to little over R32 000.00 a month and are still growing.

The opportunities are there for us to go bigger and make a lot of money, but we need the capital or an investor to supply all major retail stores in South Africa. We have the product and we just need an investor to invest in it. We will also be creating a lot of job opportunities for people in South Africa.

We want to build the biggest Biltong factory in South Africa, and want to be able to export our product as well. Well, if you taste it you will know what we have and we want to go big with this idée.

We just need the right investor.

Competitive Advantage

It is new idea so the competitors are not much now. If we can stay ahead and get an investor we can and will go big.

We do know how to make this Bacon Biltong perfect, and we do have the knowledge to make this project a big success. All we need is the funding for this project.

We do belive that this project will work.

Rationale for the deal

We have a new product; we are making it for R55/kg and are selling it for R200/kg, so getting profit is guaranteed. If we start exporting then we can sell for more than R300/kg. The profit we make in selling bulk stock will dubble our in come.

Use of financing

We need to build a factory with a lot of drying machines and and freezers to put our raw bacon in, make it right to comply with the Health and Safety rules of all major retail stores.

We need to bay vehicles and appoint personnel, and employ export agents to take our product all over the world. This product will sell. We will be creating job opportunities for people in South Africa. We can make millions in a moths time. Marketing will be a big part of our firm.

Opportunity for the investor

This is a change for an investor to make earnings on the money that he/she invested in our product. The investor will also stay with our soon registered business because we feel that he/she will help us reach our goals faster and so he will also get the advantages of the money we are going to make out of this product.

We are open minded people and will always take good advice from our investor. We are offering 60% shares for the person that invests in our product so he or she will also receive 60% of the income that the company will make. Or we will be looking at a debt investor, just borrow the money and then pay it back. Investors can contact us and we will send our business plan to them.

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